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Active cello 4/4 gig bag

Active cello 4/4 gig bag

Product code : 49VC44-735
Manufacturer: Tom & Will
Customer rating:
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  • Active cello 4/4 gig bag
  • Active cello 4/4 gig bag
Features Description Specification Reviews  
  • in black & yellow
  • YKK zips and fasteners
  • 25mm padding, with additional ribbing to protect bridge
  • No-rip hard wearing polyester exterior, soft no-scratch interior linings
  • integrated, adjustable backpack straps with additional chest and waist straps
  • inner dimensions: 126cm / 49.61" (length) x 47cm / 18.50" (lower bout) Weight: 2.12kg

The Active series 49VC cello gig bags from Tom & Will bring a bold look, great protection and additional carrying and comfort options not found elsewhere in the Tom & Will range. These bags are intended to fit most standard sized cello models.

Our 49VC Active cello bag has a soft lined interior of short cut velboa with 25mm of padding. Additional ribbing is found around the bridge section of the instrument to keep this most delicate area protected. At the base of the case are external anti scuff rubber pads which serve to protect both the lower bout of your instrument and the fabric of the bag itself.

As with our Classic model, these bags can be carried over one or both shoulders with the integrated adjustable backpack straps. For longer distances, or to help spread the weight of the instrument better you can also deploy the adjustable chest and waist straps. These extra straps were requested by longtime Tom & Will gig bag users Extreme Cello who first used these gig bags in the London Marathon 2012 and have taken them on many adventures since!

The 49VC bag has a number of pockets both on the front and back of the case. On the front you will find a long pocket down the centre of the body for your bow, along with a smaller pocket further down the body which is great for pencils, rosin, spare strings and whatever else the cellist on the move might need! The larger zip-up pocket on the back provides sheet music storage, so there’s no need to bring a separate bag of music.

YKK zips and pulls are used throughout this series of bags, reputed to be amongst the highest quality zippers on the market. The main zip starts by the peg box of the instrument and runs all the way down to the base of the instrument which makes it very easy to quickly get your instrument out or put it away. The zippers are designed with a gap at the base to allow the instrument's endpin to protrude.

Whether you’re taking on extreme challenges or simply want a lightweight alternative to a hard shell case for the school run, Tom & Will are here to help with a range of sizes and styles available.

The Active series is available in Full, ¾ and ½ sizes.

Approx internal dimensions (length x depth) 4/4 (Full) size 126cm x 47cm / 49.61" x 18.50" 3/4 size 114cm x 43cm / 44.88" x 16.92" 1/2 size 108cm x 41cm / 42.51" x 16.14"

This case is really comfortable to carry, the waist strap takes the weight off my shoulders which means I can carry it around for longer distances, which is great as I don't have a car. I didn't like the bright yellow colour much when i first bought it, but I realise that its high level of visibility means people give me a wider berth, which is really helpful when carrying a fragile instrument in a soft case. I've been using it regularly for 8 months, and it shows no signs of wear & tear. Really great value for money.
Wanstead, E11, Wanstead 16/01/2019
A great case for times when weight is an issue. Excellent padding and good quality materials and manufacture. Location of handles and pockets v useful. Didn't especially want yellow but I did want the extra padding and straps, so I will live with the colour
J Brown, Blandford UK 04/08/2017
The bag is very light and my son loves the bright colours (I don't..). Only the handle is not quite at the right position, it should be a few inches lower.
Mira, Glienicke /Nordbahn, Germany 10/12/2016
Was out of stock when ordered but they kept me informed and only took money when the bag was sent out. Bag looks better than in the pictures. Hopefully we will never drop the cello and find out how good the padding is. For now it feels very good. the fit is excellent and the zips work well. Quite light and very comfortable to carry, the chest and hip straps give it loads of security.
Matt, Birmingham 24/05/2016
It was quite hard to locate a full size gig bag with superior padding. The one I have is called Active , and doesn t have wheels (which I didn t want anyway ) so is extremely light. I was amazed at this. It is very comfortable to carry, has extra hip straps, and feels good. I haven t carried it for miles yet, but was pleased with the feel and the comfort for shorter journeys. It dealt well with atrocious weather conditions yesterday, though I decided to wipe it down with a towel when I got home (I suspect love, rather than necessity!) The strap on the front is very useful for putting it in the boot. I was pleased that there seems to be extra strengthening around the bow compartment.
R Hughes, UK 30/11/2015
Very light and comfortable for carrying on the back. The shoulder, chest and hip straps all make it really secure and very comfortable. The colour is vile: why not blue or purple or red? The handle on the side could do with being a bit lower down the cello. In future designs it would be worth considering a music-stand pocket and a pocket big enough for a big hymn book. But I'm pleased with it because of the good protection (especially around the bridge and the slightly stiffened bow pocket), the lightness and the comfort.
Mark, York, UK 28/08/2014
Our reply on 28/08/2014
Thanks for placing your review - If you d tire of the Yellow we do also have purple and blue however yellow is the best seller! Thanks.
This case is an absolute marvel. As an Extreme Cellist, this case gives almost as much protection as a hard case, but is so very much lighter and easier to carry. The straps and padding are just fantastic. I think the best testament to it is that I ran the London marathon carrying a cello in this case - and the cello was perfectly in tune at the end!
Jeremy Dawson, Sheffield, UK 19/07/2014
Our reply on 22/07/2014
Hi Jeremy, thanks for the glowing review! We had great fun developing this case alongside Extreme Cello, looking forward to helping out with your next mad challenge! Anyone unfamiliar with the art of Extreme Cellistry (?) should see their site for more: All the best, Tom
The case arrived promptly and is brilliant. It feels light and comfortable to carry on your back: perfect for my daughter taking it to and from her Music centre.
Alice Fox, Shipley, UK 26/03/2013
An excellent product with the advantage of extra straps to chest and hips. It's well padded but still.lightweight. The staff were extremely pleasant and helpful. It arrived at the very moment it was expected. There's no more to say, except it's one way to attract attention to yourself with its day-glo yellow. If you are happy with that, go for it; you wont do better in a non-solid case.!
Rosalind Gonley, London 13/03/2013
Thank you so much for the brilliant case! I'm tickled pink (or should that be "tickled yellow"?). The body straps are ideal for me. Your delivery system is perfect, too, arrived on the button.
Rosalind, London, UK 11/03/2013

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