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combi-cornet/flugel/trumpet gig bag

combi-cornet/flugel/trumpet gig bag

Product code : 26DTP-600
Manufacturer: Tom & Will
Customer rating:
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  • in black canvas fabric with grey interior
  • three sided heavy duty zip opening
  • no-rip hard wearing polyester exterior, soft no-scratch interior linings, high tensile double stitching, RCS rivet cross stitch strap reinforcement
  • plush interior lining provides soft cushioned protection for your instrument with additional movable interior padded sections
  • suitable for different combinations of trumpet, flugel horn, cornet and mutes
  • Inner dimensions: 57.5cm x 23.5cm x 21cm / 22.63" x 9.25" x 8.26"

The new Tom & Will 26DTP combination trumpet bag has been designed with the player and student in mind at all stages. New features include redesigned handles, our top loading full access zip opening, heavy duty oversized Tom & Will zips throughout, high density padding, two external pockets plus a separate internal pouch for mouthpieces and most important of all our new hideaway backpack and shoulder strap carrying system.

The bag has been designed for use with different combinations of trumpet, cornet, flugel horn and/or mutes and other accessories. The malleable and thickly padded “S” shaped divider will adapt to your chosen combination and stop the instruments from knocking each other, and a removable padded topper holds everything in place when you open the case up.

Our 26 series brass bags feature the best quality high density padding that is available today and it’s deep where it needs to be. The interior linings we have selected are so soft and luxurious that you’ll want to get inside the case yourself!

We exclusively use oversized, heavy duty die-cast Tom & Will double opening zips that are smooth running and guaranteed to last a lifetime. The top opening feature makes it really easy to put your instruments away and get them out again, which allows for quick instrument changes in the pit and a swift departure after the gig. The long base and short side each have four hard plastic feet to allow the case to be placed vertically or horizontally whilst in situ.

Strength and reliability is crucial so on this new bag all the straps and handles are riveted as well as cross stitched with high tensile threads - we want our handles to last a lifetime and have invested considerable time and effort to make sure that our handles and straps are not just comfortable, but long lasting as well.

The new hideaway backpack and shoulder strap carrying system is designed to fit all. You can hold it like a ruck sack on your back with easy tightening and loosening pull straps, wear it over one shoulder with the detachable shoulder strap with its moveable comfortable pad which is secured to the case with sturdy lanyard clips and chunky D-rings or carry it by hand using the dual handles which are secured together with a fabric cover. Straps and pulls can disappear out of sight by tucking them away inside our new breathable back pad.

This new Tom & Will bag will protect your chosen combination of instruments in style and comfort with a lot less weight.

padding high density HPU 20mm foam

colour options available in #315 grey with red interior, #359 burgundy with grey interior, #600 black with grey interior

exterior fabric 600D no rip polyester

lining no scratch soft velboa lining

pockets one exterior lined and padded pocket and one full length pocket

accessories two mouthpiece pouches and luxurious padded sections to fit your choice of instruments with ease

zips heavy duty Tom & Will oversized

handles cross stitch and rivet handle system

carrying system Tom & Will hideway backpack and shoulder system

piping 5mm black polyester

strapping easy release polyester

comfort breathable padded back panel

branding Tom & Will logo

exterior dimensions 67cm x 30cm x 27.5cm / 26.37" x 11.81" x 10.82"

interior dimensions 57.5cm x 23.5cm x 21cm / 22.63" x 9.25" x 8.26"

weight 2.58kg

EAN 5055964107413

exterior dimensions 67cm x 30cm x 27.5cm /26.37" x 11.81" x 10.82" interior dimensions 57.5cm x 23.5cm x 21cm / 22.63" x 9.25" x 8.26" weight 2.58kg

This is the best double-instrument trumpet gig bag available anywhere! The bag is longer than any other double-bag that you can find (see internal and external measurements of the Tom and Will website), which means that virtually any trumpets or flugelhorns that you own (including the extra-long ones) should easily fit in this bag without having to squeeze and force them in (which is bad for both the instruments and the bag.) Before I got this bag, I had to cram my extra-large 4-valve Getzen Eterna flugelhorn into my old double-bag, which always put stress on that old bag and its seams (which were tearing and giving way.) And, there is also plenty of room in this bag so that I don't need to push in my flugelhorn's tunable lead-pipe like I always had to with my old bag. (For me to play in tune on it, my flugel's leadpipe is always pulled out quite of bit since I use a fairly small/tight/efficient mouthpiece on it, a Parduba 4.5 FL, which I use to make extended upper-register playing easier on it. There's even room in this bag for me to leave my mouthpieces on the instruments when they're in the bag, if I want to. This actually comes in handy for any rehearsals that I don't want to bother setting up my instrument gig stands for: I can easily just take the completely-assembled instruments (including mouthpieces) in and out of the bag if I want to, instead of having to use my instrument stands (Which is sometimes a real time-saver, especially if I have to rush off to another gig or something after the rehearsal.) This bag is also ruggedly-built of high-quality materials, with very strong stitching which I expect to last for a very long time. And, I am especially impressed with how well-padded the bag is, providing great protection for the instruments. I love the backpack straps feature, and the bag is brilliantly-designed so that when you are wearing the bag backpack style, you don't feel an instrument pressing against your back like you do with so many other bags. (I have another, older 5-trumpet bag made by a famous maker, and when I use that old bag, I can feel the bell rim of one of the instruments in the bag pressing and cutting into my back--ouch! This does not happen with this Tom and Will bag.) If you don't want to use the backpack feature, you can easily tuck the backpack straps away nicely out of sight.) Wearing this bag backpack-style leaves my hands free to easily carry a music stand and a mute bag and accessories bag. And speaking of accessories, this bag also has plenty of storage pockets for accessories such as mouthpieces, valve oil, slide grease, etc. There is a a large zipper-pocket on the side of the bag, another zipper-pocket on the end of the bag, and another, plushly-padded pocket inside the bag (which most people will probably use to hold their mouthpieces--plenty of room for several of them there.) And speaking of mouthpieces, there are two very nice, soft, well-padded, drawstring mouthpiece pouches that match the bag's interior that are also included with this bag. The inside of this bag is also highly self-customizable, since the padded-foam S-shaped instrument divider inside the bag can be adjusted to custom-fit your particular instruments, and there are even a few extra soft-padded inserts included with the bag that match the case's interior--one very long one, and two shorter ones. The bag also has very comfortable and sturdy handle, and a similarly high-quality shoulder-strap, giving you a choice of three different ways to carry the bag: By the handle, by the shoulder-strap, or backpack-style. A feature that is normally only found on hard cases, this bag also has hard feet on the bottom (and also on the end, in case you want to store the bag in that way), which also help to protect the bag. I highly recommend this bag--I love it!
Randy Dunn, Pasadena, USA 12/02/2019
Our reply on 12/02/2019
Randy - Thank you so much for placing such a comprehensive and interesting review - it is very much appreciated - thanks again

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combi-cornet/flugel/trumpet gig bag
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combi-cornet/flugel/trumpet gig bag
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